Pre-college Visits

Helping to Prepare a Young Woman for the Adult World

Complimentary Consultation

Graduating from high school and starting her adult life is a big step in any young woman’s life. Going to college is a rewarding experience, offering not only classroom education, but a wide range of new encounters and adventures.

For many young women, this is a period of transition. The desire for independence may lead her away from leaning on her parents, but her inexperience will leave her wanting advice and information from a trusted authority.

Dr. Lodhi offers pre-college visits for both new and continuing patients. Having a safe and confidential environment to ask questions can not only be reassuring, but can keep her safe and healthy during her first time away from the protections of home.

During a pre-college visit, a wide range of services and topics may be covered. For some, this will be a first gynecological visit. For others, this may be her first time exploring sexual topics. Questions about safe sex can be answered at this time. The pros and cons of various contraceptive methods can be explored. If desired, one of these methods can be implemented during this appointment as well. Keeping healthy is always a priority. STD counseling is offered, as is the HPV vaccine if it has not already been administered.

As with any visit to Dr. Lodhi, the environment will be comfortable and calming. There is no judgement and no pressure during your time here. A pre-college visit is designed to help you or your daughter prepare for that first big step into the world.

Make an appointment for a pre-college visit by contacting our office today.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask at any time. We provide a comfortable environment for women of all ages.

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